Performance Mesh™ is engineered with a single goal in mind: produce the best lacrosse mesh in the world to create the most consistent pockets in the game. The all-new Type 2 takes consistency to a whole new level.


Weighing in at only 30 g, our Type 2 mesh is 15% lighter than Type 1. New P2™ fibers have allowed us to make a lighter, thinner mesh that delivers an even quicker release for a faster shot.


Manufactured using new patent-pending TITE™ technology, Type 2 mesh offers a 30% tighter construction than Type 1. Tighter mesh improves Pocket Focus™, guaranteeing superior ball control and an accurate release every time.


The same P2™ fibers that make our Type 2 mesh lighter also make it more than twice as durable. So you can play harder, faster and longer knowing your pocket won’t change.

Be Bold

Type 2 mesh is engineered with color at its core. Unlike our competitors, we add pigments to our raw materials before the mesh fibers are even spun. The result is a full line of truly colored mesh that lets you add personality to your pocket without sacrificing performance.


P2™ Fibers

Working closely with our manufacturers, we modified fibers traditionally used to reinforce racecar tires. The result is our new P2™ fibers, which allows us to make Type 2 mesh 12% lighter, 15% thinner, and over twice as durable as Type 1.

Pocket Focus™

TITE™ technology is a new patent pending manufacturing process used to create an even tighter mesh construction. This ultra tight construction enhances Pocket Focus™ — a claw-like contact with the ball that creates superior ball control and a more accurate release.

True-Diamond™ Technology

Every piece of mesh strings up & performs exactly the same regardless of conditions.

Superior Performance & Consistency

All weather performance with no wax so your pocket stays consistent and performs better throughout its lifetime.

Ultimate Consistency

Engineered with the highest quality material for ultimate consistency

All-Weather Playability

The tightness of our Sidewall Strings will never vary based on weather conditions, overuse, or lack of tune-up

Perfect Diameter

Created with the right diameter and hardness in mind to ensure tight, durable sidewalls

Vibrant Colors, Custom Tips

Our vibrant colors and unique StringKing custom plastic tips not only make our Sidewall Strings the easiest to use, they also make them the best looking in the game

Soft Yet Durable

Our bottom lace is made out of a soft yet durable material to eliminate abrasions on your mesh that sidewall strings cause

Easily Adjustable

This meticulously chosen material and lace size allows you to easily tie and untie the bottom lace to adjust your pocket’s depth

Strength, Functionality & Style

The perfect balance of strength, functionality and style

Vibrant Colors, Custom Tips

Created with custom StringKing plastic tips and in vibrant color choices to show off your unique style

Optimal Feel

Our Shooting Lace provides a smooth bump in the pocket that enhances your feel of the ball

Optimal Hold

Our Shooting Lace provides the perfect amount of hold, allowing for excellent ball control without sacrificing throwing accuracy

Precise Throwing Accuracy

Unlike a typical Shooting Lace, our lace doesn’t snag the ball on release and decrease throwing accuracy

Vibrant Colors, Custom Tips

With vibrant color choices and custom plastic tips for your stringing convenience, we’re sure you’ll like these

Crisp Snap

Our Shooting Cord gives you the perfect snap and delivers a consistent release of the ball unlike any other cord available

Superior Throwing Precision

Our thin, tightly woven cord provides optimal throwing precision

Dependable Release Point

Though commonly overlooked, the shooting cord is the last influence on the ball before leaving your pocket

Vibrant Colors, Custom Tips

These come standard with StringKing plastic tips and in an array of vibrant colors


Made from non-nylon based materials, our sidewalls won’t stretch, shrink or loosen, regardless of weather conditions or how long you use them. Set ‘em and forget ‘em.


A perfect diameter and textured stiffness allow you to string with ease while ensuring your knots stay securely fastened

Be Bold

Our sidewalls come in fifteen bold colors that allow you to add personality to your pocket without sacrificing performance.

Easily Adjustable

Quickly and easily adjust the depth of your pocket using a single, secure knot.


The fluffy softness of our bottom strings prevents friction with the mesh while holding it securely in place.

Be Bold

Our bottom laces come in fifteen bold colors that allow you to add personality to your pocket without sacrificing performance.


A tight braid gives our shooting cord a thin, hard construction that creates a crisp snap at the end of your release.


Our shooting cord will not stretch, shrink or loosen over time, ensuring a dependable and consistent release with every throw.

Be Bold

Our shooting cords come in fifteen bold colors that allow you to add personality to your pocket without sacrificing performance.


Engineered specifically to compliment our mesh, our shooters guide the ball through the channel of your pocket for unrivaled consistency and accuracy with every release.


Our buttery soft shooters melt into your pocket, creating a smooth bump in your release that lets you feel the ball as it leaves your stick.

Be Bold

Our shooting laces come in fifteen bold colors that allow you to add personality to your pocket without sacrificing performance.