uSTRING is the best online stringing resource available. It provides simple, easy to follow instructions so that anyone, regardless of stringing experience can replicate the most consistent, highest performing pockets available.

The uSTRING system only works with StringKing Performance Mesh because of the diamond size, construction and materials used when creating Type 1s and Type 1x mesh. Pockets strung with non-StringKing Performance Mesh will often be too channeled, too shallow, or throw inconsistently.

Think of uSTRING as the home of all the best pockets. If you have a pocket that you think is better, please submit pictures and descriptions to our pocket engineers at If your pocket is more consistent and higher performing, we’ll publish it on uSTRING and provide you with free mesh kits!

If your head & pocket combination is not listed on uSTRING, drop us an email and let us know. We’re working to add all pockets as quickly as possible, but creating the best possible pocket takes time!